How to Prevent Stretch Marks from Happening during Your Pregnancy?

Stretch marks during pregnancy are very common due to the stretching of the skin because of your growing tummy. Most women develop these streaks as soon as your body changes in volume and weight. Not all women develop these unwanted streaks but to those who have, you don’t have to worry because I will give you some helpful tips on how to lighten them and hopefully get rid of them in time.

fertility drugs ovarian cancer How to Prevent Stretch Marks from Happening during Your Pregnancy?To those who have not experienced pregnancy yet, this article is also for you because I will also include some tips on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Some women say that they use lotions to prevent these marks. Actually, these streaks occur whenever there is tearing of the collagen. If that happens, lines or streaks will show on the upper part of your skin. If your skin is elastic enough, there is a great chance of you not having those marks. So using lotion before getting pregnant can be helpful because it can help your skin become elastic in time.

If you also tend to become overweight during your pregnancy, you have a very high chance of having bad marks that might show on your belly, legs, arms and breasts. So to prevent this, try to maintain the right diet during pregnancy. Yes you cannot stop your body from gaining weight during this phase, but you can definitely prevent your body to gain even more weight by not watching your diet.

If you are pregnant already and you are worried to have those streaks, try these helpful tips that might prevent Stretch marks pregnancy.

  • When taking a bath, use hot water which will be absorbed by the upper layer of your epidermis that may help eliminate the streaks.
  • Make it a habit to massage your tummy which will also massage your skin and make it more relaxed and elastic.
  • Always drink water. This will help your skin be hydrated and moisturized.
  • Above anything else, you can always use any kind of stretch mark cream which you can purchase from any stores nationwide. Just make sure to get the organic type which will not cause any kind of reaction which might be harmful to your baby.

These are just some of the different ways to eliminate and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. However, if you really developed too many of them, your last resort would be a tummy tuck or laser treatments.